Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an art of problem solving, planning, developing ideas and experiences using the visual and textual contents such as words, photographs and illustration. Graphic design is also known as communication design as it is a subset of visual communication and communication design. Using graphic design, you can create and combine symbols, texts and images and text to form visual ideas and messages to fulfil commercial, educational, cultural, political or another purposes. If you are aspired to make your career in Graphic Design field you will need to learn the basic and other skills related to graphic design and will also have to learn the concepts and helpful software that every graphic designers are recommended. There are no exact numbers of types in Graphic Design as we see several types of graphic design used by designers and each one with their own area of specialization. However, there are a few number of graphic designing commonly used by designers around the world which you can check below with their brief explanation.

Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design: The actual purpose of graphic design is to create design for marketing and advertising. When most of us hear the word graphic design, we just start to think of designs developed to achieve goals of marketing and advertising. Marketing designers work to create assets for marketing strategies for example vehicle wraps or magazine ads.

Visual Identity Graphic Design: This kind of graphic design mainly used by companies or organizations for business purpose. Through Visual identity graphic design, a designer creates relationship between a organization/ companies and its audience and also develops a brand identity by creating assets like typography, logos, color palette.

Publication Graphic Design: The graphic designers are specialized in publication graphic design work. The designers work with editors & publishers and create attractive layouts using typography and accompanying artwork for publication of magazines, books, newspapers, and catalogs.

User Interface Graphic Design: through user interface graphic design, a designer interact users with a devices or applications. A user interface graphic designer uses e screen, keyboard and mouse to interact with users to provide them user friendly experience.

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